PEMF to empower your AFFIRMATIONS

Empower your Affirmations with PEMF. Energy in the quantum field is magnetic and shapes and transforms emotions easily. Select the most soothing and “feel good” affirmation and imprint the same into your magnetic subconscious mind.

PEMF to activate your CHAKRAS

Treating Body Parts and Systems – HEAD BRAIN

In this video we look at the most effective applicators to treat your Head and Brain.

PEMF WEBINAR November 2021

This is your last chance to get the PEMF devices for the old price and with the special 10% DISCOUNT. We have also added free magpie and for the PMT devices even a full body mat. This webinar will answer all of your questions.

PEMF Contra Indications

I have mentioned the contraindications and side effects in many videos but just to make sure you got them all in one place.

Metal implants like hip, knee and screws and plates are not a contraindication. To the contrary you will find better healing and reduced inflammation when using PEMF over these areas.

How Long Until I See Results With PEMF

The speed of recovery is mostly dependent on how far your condition has progressed and how much needs to be restored. Another factor is self sabotage while treating a particular condition. Most of us try to swim upstream which is much harder than responding to signs and symptoms of something else. 

Do You Really Need A PEMF?

Do you really need a PEMF?

WATCH VIDEO WITH SOUND Do you really need a PEMF? Buying a PEMF is a big expense and the question is whether this is a wise investment and will provide you the results you need. In this video we will cover some of the main attributes that PEMF therapy offers and see if they are […]

Which Device Should You Get?

Which PEMF device should I buy?

This is a very good question and one that is very easy to answer with a counter question.
How much money can you invest into your health without causing too much stress?