Which PEMF device should you get?

This is a very good question and one that is very easy to answer with a counter question. 
How much money can you invest into your health without causing too much stress?

We all know that stress of any kind is not healthy. Especially financial stress can be very hard on the body. That’s why the answer should always be: 

“Get the device you can afford without causing stress” 

The main difference in using the big and powerful PMT compared to the CLINIC MONO is most of all “TIME“. You may need more treatments and spend more time on the smaller device to achieve the same results as you get from a big device. But therefore you save a lot of money. Yes penetration is less and deep seated issues are slower to respond but well, we use 4000 Gauss and not like most PEMF devices on the market that have less than 50 gauss on the applicator. You are still miles ahead of the conventional game with these professional devices. 

In a way it’s like driving a big and fast luxury car versa small city car. You still get to the same destination yet the comfort and speed may differ.