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PEMF to empower your AFFIRMATIONS


In order to TRULY HEAL it is always relevant to address all root causes. 

Most patients are happy to treat the mechanical side as it does not require the deep dive into sometimes uncomfortable emotions like resentment, anger, disappointment and frustration. 

Unfortunately these emotions (magnetic) which are  subconscious causes have nearly the same devastating effect on your health. Heavy metals for example causing health problems, so does a lack of self love is able to sabotage your healing and prevent the mechanical therapy from taking hold. 

It is therefore important to use PEMF for the mechanical side but then to add a “rewrite” of your magnetic subconscious memories and transform them into a healing energy. 

Thoughts are Electric, Feelings are Magnetic

When you test with an EEG directly on the skin it measures the real-time changes in voltage (electrical current) caused by brain activity – such as your thoughts and emotions.

Measuring the MEG is a non-invasive medical test that measures the magnetic fields produced by your brain’s magnetic (emotional) output. Measuring the magnetic field however is done with electrodes about 20 cm away from the head. These readings shows our interaction with the cosmos and how our feelings project into the world, creating the world you live in.

Magnetic emotions are the main mechanism which creates the life you experience.
Changing these emotions can be greatly supported with PEMF and the adequate emotion.


I found that treating my personal challenges with PEMF was very satisfying and effective.

For example if will-power, self esteem and personal responsibility is your biggest challenge then you may want to treat your Solar Plexus.

If clear communication is not easy and you do not feel understood or heard then the throat Chakra may be more effective. 

The process is very simple and easy. You set the applicator to the area of concern, select the affirmation that describes your challenge best and then pulse energy into the chakra with a loving intend. 

PEMF to playfully empower your subconscious mind

Energy is directly linked to feelings which are magnetic by nature. If you feel upbeat and good about yourself you have almost unlimited energy. 

That’s why using PEMF as a source of energy will be many times more effective if you combine it with a feel good affirmation. Please see below the ones that spoke most to me. 

Of course it is important you make up your own and very personal feel good affirmations. 



We all heard this so many times but the results did not match. If you do NOT truly believe in your statement or you are aiming too big or unrealistic then your inner doubt may compromise results. 

Also, you may have 100 past failed attempts that speak from your subconscious mind and undermine your affirmation. Remember feelings and emotions are magnetic.



Instead of saying “I will heal from this disease” how about you use the words 

“May I find SUPPORT to heal from this disease”

The universe will always say yes to your request. 


This form of bypassing all the doubts will allow the flow of a gentle healing energy that is not limited by your conviction. 

You will find that asking for permission to heal opens your mind to greater consciousness and show you possibilities that support the process.

Crown Chakra

“May I be guided by universal wisdom”

“May I be my highest wisdom”

“May the universe inspire my healing journey”

3rd Eye Chakra

“May I become my highest vision”

“May I understand the path laid out for me”

“May I be wise in my decisions”

Throat Chakra

“May I speak my highest truth”

“May I express my needs clearly and effectively”

“May I learn form all my interactions”

Heart Chakra

“May I give and receive love”

“May I love myself,  just the way I am”

“May I be courageous”

Solar Plexus Chakra

“May I follow the flow of my highest will”

“May I have the strength to trust”

“May I trust the process of life”

Sacral Gut Chakra

“May I express my highest power”

“May I know when to act and when to hold back”

“May I trust my intuition”



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