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PEMF has become a stable component in many clinics and sport institutes to support faster recovery and to improve overall performance. 


  • improves detoxification of heavy metals,
  • increases the membrane potential of every cell and opens ion channels 
  • increases nutrient uptake and performance
  • improves oxygenation and ATP production for faster healing
  • reduces erectile disfunction and prostate swelling as well as PSA levels 
  • is the choice of top athletes to boost their performance and to reduce healing time
  • is used in clinics to reduce healing time and to increase the effects of other therapies 
  • is used in European clinics to weaken cancer cells and improve adjunct cancer therapies. 
  • is used in many age care facilities to reduce pain medication and to increase vitality

PEMF is known to be the most powerful recharge station for the human body. Like a battery needs recharge, so do all of your cells recharge very fast with PEMF when sick or exhausted. The analgesic effects which reduce pain significantly are a welcome side effect many patient use to reduce their pain medication. 

PEMF is recognised in oncology, chiropractic, physio therapy, sport rehabilitation and recovery from chronic degenerative diseases. PEMF is successfully applied in cases of Alzheimer disease, MS, chronic depression, incontinence, ED, osteoporosis, autoimmune diseases and as a very powerful immune support. 


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PEMF therapy is a well researched therapy and very popular in many European countries. Now with TGA approval  we can roll out PEMF in Australia and New Zealand too. 

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