PEMF to Mend Broken Bones

PEMF To Heal Broken Bones​

Broken bones or conditions which prevent bones from healing like Rickets or Osteoporosis and Bone Cancer are challenging to deal with. PEMF to mend broken bones is very effective.

PEMF for Osteoporosis Patients

PEMF for Osteoporosis Patients

Globally, osteoporosis causes more then 8.9 million fractures per annum. To put this into perspective, every three seconds an osteoporotic fracture occurs. Osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions faced by the ageing population, it characterised by the significant loss of bone mass and bone deterioration. Fragile bones significantly increase the risk of fractures.

PEMF for Cancer Patients

We all need a lot of energy to deal successfully with life. Especially if our living conditions are very stressful.

If on top of all the normal stress and work you also have to deal with infections, inflammation, leaky gut, heavy metal toxicity and other chronic degenerative diseases the need for energy is immense.

5 Positions Quick Recharge

5 x 5min quick recharge to stimulate every organ and system in your body.

This basic recharge will give you a systemic reboot in as little as 25 min. Every position will help you detoxify certain organs, increase membrane potential and nutrient uptake as well as oxygenation.

Prostate Problems? – Erectile Disfunction?

Prostate Webinar

Benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH),
Prostate cancer

Pain or burning sensation when urinating (dysuria)
Difficulty urinating, such as dribbling or hesitant urination
Frequent urination, particularly at night (nocturia)
Urgent need to urinate
Cloudy urine
Blood in the urine
Pain or discomfort of the penis or testicles
Painful ejaculation
Orgasm problems
Flu-like signs and symptoms (with bacterial prostatitis)
Decreased force in the stream of urine
Blood in the semen
Decreased libido
Difficulty maintaining an erection
Bone pain
Losing weight without trying
Erectile dysfunction

High Intensity PEMF for Different Diseases

High Intensity PEMF for Different Diseases

Sometimes it feels like a scam when you see how many different medical fractions use PEMF successfully. How can one therapy be so effective against so many diseases? There are doctors achieving good results with chronic incurable Depression, Alzheimer, Parkinsons, MS, glaucoma, tintus, muscle, tendons, bones, delayed unions and non unions, detox, arthritis, infectious diseases, chronic degenerative disease, cancer and much more. How can that be?

Oscillating vs High Intensity PEMF

Oscillating versa High Intensity PEMFOscillating versa High Intensity PEMF

WATCH VIDEO WITH SOUND Oscillating vs High Intensity Ringer PEMF The Oscillating and High Intensity Ringer PEMF both work if the output is strong enough. If you have an oscillating PEMF device which has the power to move your cells into a sing-along to the different frequencies then all is fine. Unfortunately many systems are not […]

BlackBox to support PEMF detox

WATCH VIDEO WITH SOUND Order your blackbox today When you start using your PEMF in the first month it is probably wise to combine it with a Blackbox. The amount spent is well worth it as you support in the initial phase of your detox with PEMF all detox pathways and organs with the required […]

What is PEMF and how does it work?

PEMF training for high intensity PEMF devices and therapy

WATCH VIDEO WITH SOUND What is PEMF We are all energy beings having a physical experience. All energy is electromagnetic in nature, and nothing occurs in the body without an electromagnetic exchange between your cells. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields  (PEMF) acts fundamentally on all your tissues, cells, organs and molecules.  The magnetic field of any […]