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Treating the Head / Brain with PEMF

Treating the brain with PEMF


Should you consider treating your head with PEMF, it is at your own risk. We do not tell you to do it and we do not promise any results. If you think that PEMF may help you please consult a licensed health professional and ask for advice. 

In the video above and the content I share below are only my personal observations. For the past year I have treated my own head and brain daily to observe changes and improvements in my own functions which is what I share with you here.  

Brain regions and functions


PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) therapy refers to an advanced form of treatment that is aimed at supporting the natural magnetic fields in the body. PEMF offers a non-invasive form of magnetic healing that has the potential to boost the body’s healing processes. It basically a battery charger for your body. PEMF therapy introduces a magnetic charge into your damaged cells and neurone to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation, reduce pain, improve cellular and tissue healing, re-establish healthy cell interaction, and increase energy. Healthy cells are crucial as a good foundation for your organs and tissues and systems to work properly.

When you use PEMF regularly you will find that your overall energy drastically increases giving you a better chance to heal. 

How PEMF therapy can support your brain

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy offers many health benefits. PEMF therapy:

  • Increases cellular growth
  • Stimulates extracellular matrix production
  • Inhibits inflammation
  • Improved immune response
  • Improved circulation and oxygenation
  • Reduces swelling
  • Increases cellular communication
  • Supports lubrication, regeneration and repair



I started with 5 min on the PMT duo with the butterfly applicator which gives me around 500 Gauss in the centre of the double loop. 
I also treated this one area exclusively to see the changes more pronounced. 

Starting with my Cerebellum to reduce my “old man wobble” which showed in decreasing balance, coordination problems and a feeling of insecurity when walking on uneven ground. This impaired my ability to hike, climb and do watersports dramatically. 

The treatment was done for 2 weeks daily in the evening just before bed. 

Treating the brain with PEMF

Extraordinary results

It is hard to describe if you don’t know the feeling but my “old man wobble” is completely gone. The insecurity while walking, climbing and on my stand up paddle board has vanished. It’s like turning back a clock to how it once was.  

As the pulse is not isolated and can affect other areas of the brain I can not exclude effects on the brain stem as well and the Occipital areas either. Which specific area did the greatest job and brought me back into fluent motion and good body coordination isn’t clear. 

Additional Therapies

As you all know, I use PEMF on a daily basis for the rest of my body. Treating knees, joints etc. and feeling an overall recharge so that I can reach my best performance. 

Adding the head was always a bit “unknown” but has proven (for me) just in this one area of the Cerebellum as super beneficial.

I also take a good range of supplements and some detox agents together with good fish oils to support my system.  

2.) Parietal 

I have no problems in any of the described functions of the Parietal brain. Sensations of pain, touch, temperature are fine. Besides advanced math I am ok in this department and also could not feel any mathematical genius after my 2 weeks of this local therapy. 

Jokes aside, I assume it is different when you loose capacity in an area and you notice the decline. 

If you feel that this area has given you improvements please feel free to share below. 

3.) Frontal Lobe 

Treating this part of the brain helped me in so many ways that I will have to break it down. 


RELAXATION.  I may think I am relaxed but its not actually true. I have an extremely alert mind – which means thinking and considering 20 things at the same time. 

After 6 weeks now of daily 10 min treating the frontal part of my brain with lowest power setting of around 500 gauss with the butterfly applicator of the PMT Duo my stress levels have dramatically declined. I am still problem solving but the anxiety and stress has fallen largely away. Writing this I notice how hard it is to put in words but it feels “ALERT” without stress. 


CALM / MEDITATION I do not want to think more and more complex. That was fine so far but now is time to reduce the chatter and dive into the unseen and undefinable parts of our existence. The soul.

For the past 2 years I have re-discovered meditation in form of conscious walking, sitting in nature listening to the sounds of birds, water and insects and breathing the wind. My dive into meditation was always handicapped by an overly active and creative mind. 

After the first week of PEMF on the frontal lobe I had the feeling my meditations got worse. I was bright alert but also very easily distracted. My sleeping was interrupted and I woke during the night several times. 

Then after 2 weeks it changed very drastically and I fell into a kind of ZEN state. Calm present, awake, sharp but completely still. I had achieved this state a few times before but never that profound. I can now fall into this state at will while walking, talking, engaging or withdrawing from the world. This was probably the most significant result of the treatment. Besides my mom, not much can get me out of this state. 

My meditation has also depend to a level where I feel completely single focussed and still falling into space. Something super fantastic after years of trying in-vain. 


COORDINATION AND FOCUS. Not sure if this change comes from the treatment but I found a better way to finish one task after the other without getting stuck in 10 open projects. I set 2 projects max per day to be done to satisfaction and do no longer get side tracked. This change turns every day into a successful day which leaves a great feeling of achievement. 


COMMON SENSE  You have probably heard me speaking about common sense in many of my videos. Its always been something I was proud of and cherished in others. Not to get distracted by insignificant details but having a sound overview. 

Medicine has gone completely off track and what once was “an observation to better understand” has now turned into manipulation, greed and control for power. One size fits all, mass production and the complete loss of individuality show the decline. 

For me medicine still is a means to understand what goes wrong. What causes my disease, what drives the decline. What can I do to improve my situation. And yes this opens a can of worms in many situations as I need to address my diet, lifestyle and surroundings. The cool part is that it always leads to success. 

After 2 weeks into the PEMF treatment of the frontal lobe I cut out all sugar, protein balls, sweets, snacks and other hidden culprits for inflammation. This expedited my progress dramatically.

Instead of trying to fit into a trend of raw foods and salads I now cook all my food and eat it warm. This has increased my performance significantly as my body  handles cooked food so much better. 

I am very sure that many of my recent lifestyle changes were a result of greater clarity and focus resulting from the treatment of the frontal lobe. 

Treating the whole head all at once. 

It is obvious that you can treat the head in many ways. I just showed one way in the video with the big loop. I like this as it adds movement to the magnetic field which I personally think helps. Turning the loop up and down and rotating it causes movement in the magnetic field which enhances absorption of the ions into the cells and neurons.  

You can also lay your head onto the MagPad on a cushion and have a 3 min power nap to the right, 3 min to the left and 4 min on the back. 




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