Earning money with PEMF is easier than you think.

All you need to do is to list your own device as a demo into our map and allow those who want to experience PEMF before making a purchase, to check it out. You can even charge a fee for a 30min test session and get a commission if they are excited and ready to buy. 

If you want to excel as an affiliate and really want to create a permanent income for years to come then follow our affiliate training. 

How to create your affiliate account

First you will have to sign up to the website to access all hidden content and to create your affiliate account. 

Once you have registered your account the website will refresh and you can fill out the affiliate form. Enter your name, email, PayPal email, website and how you plan to promote PEMFtraining.com Then press submit. 

After you have created your account the screen changes and shows you all your affiliate tools and your affiliate link. 

Your affiliate link will look like this “https://pemftraining.com/exp/00/” The addition of  “exp/00/” is your personal identifier. 

How to use your affiliate link


Your affiliate link will look like this “https://pemftraining.com/exp/00/” The addition of  “exp/00/” is your personal identifier. 

You can use this identifier behind every page address. This way you can link clients to the relevant page they are interested in. 

Because all pages have hidden content your referrals have to create an account to see the information. This account is then linked to your affiliate number and when they purchase at any time within 1 year the commission is yours. 


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PEMF training for high intensity PEMF devices and therapy

After you have created an account and signed in, you have un restricted access to all disease protocols and applications.

PEMF therapy is a well researched therapy and very popular in many European countries. Now with TGA approval  we can roll out PEMF in Australia and New Zealand too. 

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