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Prostate problems? Erectile Dysfunction?

If any of these issues are related to you or anyone you know, send them to this webinar. They will be eternally grateful that you did. 

In this webinar Marcus will reveal a study made with high intensity PEMF for 120 participants diagnosed with Prostatitis, Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy and Prostate Swelling. In addition to all associated problems like pain and difficulties while urination,  frequent and urgent need to empty your bladder while having problems to discharge all of the urine. You may know the issues yourself. 

All of these problems have been successfully reversed using PEMF therapy! 

Prostate swelling can be indicative of inflammation, toxic build up and possible infections…

If you are able to address prostate swelling with PEMF therapy you are also addressing the underlying causes of the problem.

As you can see in the graph to the right, the NON PEMF group with simple dietary and hygienic measures reduced the swelling by 1.2 while the PEMF group achieved a reduction of 7.1 which is a significant change in just 30 treatments. Especially as the participants only had a 20 min session per day. 

As per the chart above you can see that with a PSA level of 8 it shows clearly that BPH is advancing into local or regional cancer. It is the early stages of prostate cancer. The control group had hardly any changes while the PEMF group almost reversed their overall values to early stages of BPH. 

This effect, just like the reduction of swelling shows that the therapy is rather effective. It is a clear sign that the cause that created the swelling and the increased PSA levels have been reduced. In a short period of 30 days PEMF therapy has provided some significant results. 

As mentioned in the webinar, Erectile Dysfunction is not a main feature of the study. But after repeated enthusiastic feedback from patients the doctors decided to include the values into the study. 

As you can see the group started out with 12.1 which would be classified as Moderate / Mild ED. 

After just 30 treatment of sitting on the big loop the group advanced into the Mild ED group – this is a huge shift. 

Overall the changes were significantly better in younger participants while the older patrons had lesser improvements. With an overall value of 18.1 some of the participants had completely reversed their ED. 

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is not only relevant to your erection and how long you can hold it but also to your overall energy levels and performance. 

Most men suffer from severe depression and insecurities when confronted with ED. Therefore it is not only a sex performance treatment but an overall self esteem therapy. 

Some clients have reported complete recovery after 3 to 6 months as the healing process takes longer than 30 days and often requires longer and more frequent treatments. 

If you have your own device we recommend morning and evening therapy with the below 5 or 7 positions. (7 if you include boxing the prostate from the side).


  1. Start with the treatment of your erectile tissue in your nose. This treatment does not require a high power setting. 
  2. Then follow up with a brain treatment also on low settings to stimulate the different areas of the brain.
  3. Then treat the Hypothalamus in the centre of the brain and stimulate the pituitary gland to release FSH and LH to activate the testicles to produce testosterone. This part of the treatment is very important and also requires little power.
  4. Then treat your testies and penile tissue with either the butterfly or paddle if you have a stronger device. You can start out at lower settings to start the healing process gently and to absorb plenty of toxins with binders. We recommend for the first month the blackbox from Quicksilver Scientific.
  5. Then treat your prostate by sitting on the big loop or butterfly or paddle. Start out with a lower setting and then gently increase to full power. The more power the faster the healing process and the deeper the penetration. 
  6. You can also box the prostate from the side by inserting each leg into the big loop and pulling up into the grudge. This way you pulse the prostate from the side as well and achieve better penetration and healing. 
Each position can be done 2 min at first round and then slowly increased to 5 min for the head and 10 min each position around your genitals. 


Supplementation is important in 2 forms. 

The first and probably most important part are binders. You need them to bind with toxins that are blasted off from membrane cell receptors and ion channels. These binders help to bind toxins and therefore improve the elimination process. Suitable binders are modified citrus pectin, charcoal, zeolite, chlorella and so on. We recommend you to vary and use different binders as all of them have a certain affinity to particular toxins and don’t work all the same. 

The ideal solution would be the blackbox from Quicksilver Scientific. This box contains all nutrients, minerals and vitamins your body needs for a proper detox and it features a mix of binders which cover a wide range of toxins.

The second part of supplementation helps to support the healing process. To perform with maximum efficiency all of your cells need adequate fuel. They need minerals, vitamins, amino acids and good fats. The list below will help you get the essential nutrients that your body needs for a healthy prostate and libido. 



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