High Intensity PEMF for Different Diseases

Sometimes it feels like a scam when you see how many different medical faculties use PEMF successfully. How can one therapy be so effective against so many diseases? There are doctors achieving good results with chronic depression, Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, MS, glaucoma, tinitus, muscle, tendons, bones, delayed unions and non unions, detox, arthritis, infectious diseases, chronic degenerative disease, cancer and much more. How can that be?!?

The answer is actually very simple. PEMF does not cure disease, it helps to remove the cause of disease. In many cases this is just a simple clogging up of membrane ion channels and a lack of nutrient absorption and oxygen supply. If you remove these simple factors and support the body with what’s needed (good foods and nutrients) then healing seems to work on so many levels. 

In the below article you will find a wide variety of different diseases which respond well to PEMF.