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Detoxification with PEMF

Detoxification with a High Intensity PEMF device is very effective! It has two main factors that help you recover from any disease much faster.

1.) Cells which have been poisoned with heavy metals, bacteria, virus or other chemicals where the toxins have permeated the membrane causing havoc inside the cell are destroyed by high intensity PEMF and an apoptotic effect is achieved.

2.) Cells that have blocked membrane channels (ion channels) due to low membrane potential and blocked ion pathways are cleared which leads to re-differentiation and recovery. It also leads to increased ATP production due to increased oxygen and nutrient support.

Combining PEMF with plenty of water, supplements and a good detox pathway support will enhance the effects of healing dramatically.



2 Responses

  1. Hello Marcus, I received my PEMF unit a couple of days ago and have been watching your videos on it’s use and benefits.
    I have a question I haven’t seen addressed yet: for optimal benefit, how often should I use the PEMF? Can I overdue it?
    Thanks and take care!

    1. Hello Riley

      There is never a solid rule to any treatment.
      I would start with twice a day on low settings and then slowly increase power and duration. I do sometimes up to 5 treatments a day with each 10 to 15 min each.

      The key is to observe that you gain in energy. If you feel nauseated and tired then you should slow down and increase binders. If you feel good than see if more helps more.


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