Oscillating vs High Intensity Ringer PEMF

The Oscillating and High Intensity Ringer PEMF both work if the output is strong enough. 
If you have an oscillating PEMF device which has the power to move your cells into a sing-along to the different frequencies then all is fine. Unfortunately many systems are not strong enough and do not 
fulfil this requirement. They are simply toys that rely more on placebo than actual effects on your cells. 

Many of the multilevel marketing devices you find on the market like Bemer and IMRS have to have a 500% to 800% profit margin to pay 6 to 8 levels of commission. This means these devices are produced for around $500 so they can sell for around $4500. The output advertised is also not measured on the pad but measured in the device itself which is a huge difference. We measured several devices with calibrated devices and the output was as low as 20 Gauss. If you remember the decrease in power over distance you know that there is not much left to remove toxins from your cells or even to create an apoptotic effect.