This DUAL PEMF device allows the attachment of 2 PEMF applicators.

Combined with a Magpad 2, large Loop, high intensity Paddle and extremely powerful Butterfly this device is the most versatile combo that offers a huge range of applications.

It is the ideal device for clinics, wellness, beauty and horse therapy. With a 3 year warranty and no replaceable parts or service needs the PMT DUO will last you a lifetime. 

The suitcase is completely water tight and will withstand every impact you subject the PMT DUO to. 


PEMF training PMT MONO high power PEMF device


Terminal 1 is a dual security connector for your applicators MagPad Loop, Paddle, Butterfly


ALTERNATE: Select either 5 min or 10 min working cycle



Choose the intensity level from 1 to 10 dependent on area and depth of therapy. 

Waveform: pulse
Maximum Intensity:

Paddle:  GAUSS

Level 1 –  895 Gauss
Level 2 –  2107 Gauss
Level 3 –  3447 Gauss
Level 4 –  4702 Gauss
Level 5 –  5450 Gauss
Level 6 –  6011 Gauss
Level 7 –  6900 Gauss
Level 8 –  7300 Gauss
Level 9 –  8000 Gauss
Level 10 –  8950 Gauss

Maximum Intensity: Mat, Single Loop, Double Loop: Range of 2,610 Gauss (261,000 microTesla) to 4,698 Gauss (469,800 microTesla)
Frequency Range:  < 5 Pulses per Second
Number of Programs:  2
Program Duration:  5 or 10 minutes (preset)
Input Power:  120 / 230 V AC
Unit Weight:  14.2 lbs
Unit Dimensions:  control unit: 25 cm x 25 cm x 10 cm
Applicator Dimensions:  paddle – 8″, single loop – 12″, Double loop (butterfly) – 7″ and MagPad – 18″ x 23″ 
Return Period: 30 days
Restocking Fee: $2000

After you placed the order the device will be built for you with a dedicated serial number. This can take between 3 to 5 working days. When the device is shipped you will receive a tracking number. The device is shipped via FEDEX international via express shipping. You will need to sign on delivery. 

From the day of receipt you have 30 days to return the device in case you are not satisfied. You can upgrade to a bigger device at no cost or get a refund minus a restocking fee of $2000. 

In case of a return please pack as original. Should any packing material, parts or applicators show signs of wear and tear we reserve the rights to increase the restocking fee according to replacement cost. 

Warranty Period: control unit: 3 years
Warranty Period: applicators: 1 year
Warranty Process:if you experience technical problems, please contact our support team with a description of the problem. We may be able to provide you with a reset combination or software solution.

If it is necessary to send the device for service we will provide you with a return RMA number and shipping details. Shipping charges are your responsibility. If you require pickup please click here to book a pickup service. The charge will be calculated based on location and device. 
Large Loop for PEMF device from
Paddle for PEMF device from
MagPad2 for PEMF device from
Butterfly Double Coil for PEMF device from


The Big Loop

The Big Loop is probably the most versatile applicator for Amy PEMF application. You can use the loop flat against the whole body, or insert limbs into the loop and treat lower body or joints. In many clinics is the loop used exclusively. 


High Intensity Paddle

Even though the feeling of the paddle is least dramatic, the effects are the complete opposite. 

Due to a very narrow and sharp beam the Paddle offers very deep penetration and local support where you really need it.

Even though the feeling of the paddle is least dramatic, the effects are the complete opposite. 

Due to a very narrow and sharp beam the Paddle offers very deep penetration and local support where you really need it. 


MagPad 2

The MagPad2 is a half body size mat with extreme high ion output. This mat is suitable for your lazy-boy but also massage table, treatment bench and recovery area. 

The MagPad delivers a gentle PEMF experience to calm your nervous system, boost your immune system and to reduce pain. 

It’s like the stand of your electric toothbrush. You simply rest on the pad and recharge all of your cells with vital energy. 

The sub frequency of the Clinic Duo with 7.89 hz offers the ideal charging station to rebalance all of your bodily systems.



Especially designed to treat angles, knees, shoulders and elbows the butterfly is the applicator of choice for athletes, physiotherapists. it is easy to treat knee injuries, tennis elbow and shoulders. 

The Butterfly can also be used very successfully over the head to stimulate brain activity in all brain centres. 


PMT MONO (Christmas Special)

19,500US $ 17,910US $

  • EUR: € 15,573
  • AUD: AU $24,705
  • NZD: NZ $25,934
  • CAD: CA $23,681
  • GBP: £13,951

  • 10% Discount
  • FREE Magpad-2 worth US $1200
Due to high volume each device is built to order and will take around 4 to 10 days production time



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