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Generate income with your own PEMF device!

PEMF devices are quite expensive and therefore not everyone can afford to have a device at home for their own personal use. This opens up a huge opportunity to generate a very good income from your device.

Even if someone has the funds, it is understandable that they would like to try PEMF first before spending the money. Again this presents a huge opportunity to generate a very lucrative income.

To offer you a possible income from your PEMF device we have come up with an idea that satisfies all parties.

  • Your Own Personal Page where you can describe your services, show photos and showcase what you have to offer.
    • You can offer DEMO and TEST PEMF sessions either from home or mobile for a fee. 
    • You can also offer “Self Therapy Sessions” sold individually or in 5 – 10 passes. 
    • You can offer PEMF treatment with your existing therapies. This combination is ideal for acupuncture, massage,  reiki, hydro-colon therapy, detox and wellness treatments and many more. You can offer different bundles in 5 – 10 passes.
    • As a clinic  you can list your specialty and how it combines with PEMF.   For example “PEMF for Incontinence” or “PEMF for Chronic Depression” or  “PEMF for Chronic Degenerative Diseases”  and many more. 

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